Diploma in Electronics & Telecommunications

Electronics & Telecommunication engineers are responsible for designing various telecommunications equipment like modems, switches, routers and radio links. They are also responsible for developing test prototypes of integrated circuit components.

A professional is responsible for enhancing the performance of the telecommunication system and come up with new ideas of telecommunication systems and manage and supervise special projects. Some of the electives that reputed institutes offer under this course include: Engineering Mechanics, analog and digital logic circuits, transmission lines and wave guides, concept of pipelining and parallel processing, Uniprocessor and multiprocessor environment, audio/video electronics & broadcasting and lots more.

Graduates of this stream get to work with several organizations in the domain of broadcasting, data communications, entertainment, custom manufacturing, and manufacturers of computer systems, interfaces, broadcasting and receiving equipment

Vision and Mission

To built Electronics Engineering Department to offer excellent basic engineering education to students in new innvention and advance technologies.


a To Accomplish academic success of all the students to enhance industry-institute-interaction activities to continuously upgrade the physical and laboratory infrastructure.
b To guide majority of students to upgrade themselves.

1Power Electronics Laboratory
  • C.R.O. Sr. No. 0603227,0603229,0603232,0603237
  • Controlled rectifiers using SCR
  • Variable D.C. regulated dual power supply
  • Function generator
  • Electronics Measurement Instrument
2W/S & Measurement
  • LCQ meter
  • oscilloscope demonstrator trainer
  • Analog oscilloscope
  • Digital LCR mete
3Advanced Communication Lab
  • Audio visual lab set up make:Digitech
  • Microwave test bench
  • Satellite communication trainer
  • Mobile phone trainer
4Digital & Microprocessor Lab
  • Antenna Trainer
  • Digital storage oscilloscope
  • Hi -Fi amplifier trainer
  • Transmission line trainer

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